WordCamp Code of Conduct

All of us on the WordCamp Baltimore team take the WordCamp code of conduct quite seriously. WordCamps are fun, low-cost, volunteer events that promote the use, design, and development of WordPress across regional communities across the globe. They are a positive thing!

This year, we had an incident during our “after crawl” (the informal, post-after party group social hours). A group of attendees, sponsors, and volunteers enjoyed a nice cruise along the Baltimore Inner Harbor on an excursions known as Urban Pirates. Effectively, a mobile, pirate themed, BYOB excursion.

Preceding this cruise, an employee of a sponsor who was volunteering joined the group, having had a bit too much to drink. His behavior become unruly and he was asked to adjust his behavior multiple times. Because the group was on a 45 minute boat ride, we could not remove him from the ship safely. The inappropriate behavior was contained as best as possible.

Upon return, organizers and members of the WordCamp Baltimore attempted to settle the individual to avoid them causing harm to themselves or possibly others; but, despite the efforts, they ventured off on their own.

The sponsoring company’s HR department was notified; apologies were made; everyone was safe and got home safe; and every one is okay.

We wanted to take a moment to document the issue, note that while some things cannot be controlled, violating the code of conduct is not acceptable, and that we’ll make every effort to avoid further incidents.

We look forward to having future events and thank the 99% of individuals who operated within the code of conduct.

Thanks and see you next year!

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One thought on “WordCamp Code of Conduct

  1. I’ve been a long time visitor to Baltimore WordCamp and your team continues to do a fine job. The boat ride may one day be in a John Waters movie, and no doubt was stressful for the buccaneers. An unfortunate 404 which appears to have been handled well.

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