War Room Collaboration Across the Internet Canyon

War Room Collaboration Across the Internet Canyon with Anthony D. Paul
Working remotely can feel creatively isolating. Switching from a brick-and-mortar agency, to pants-optional sounds awesome — but if you’re accustomed to joining a coworker at the whiteboard, to hammer out a UI concept over marker fumes, you’ll agree the back and forth in GitHub/Slack channels doesn’t cut it.

In this talk, Anthony D. Paul, Director of User Experience at idfive, share how our work-from-home team overcomes technical and social hurdles, to mirror natural, in-person creative ideation (sketching, wireframing, etc.) with a mashup of hardware and cloud tools. This talk is best for teams allowing or considering telework, as well as freelancers who want to impress their clients.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015
2:00 pm | Downtown Track


William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center
11 W Mount Royal Ave
Baltimore, MD, 21201
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