Let the Robots Win!

Let the Robots Win Task Automation
How to Utilize Task Automation to Speed Up Your Workflow
In this talk I will showcase some of the tools I use to speed up my development process and some of the reasoning behind the way I have things set up. I will touch on subjects like developing locally, using git, the benefits of Sass and why everyone should be using it, running grunt tasks to compress your css, js, and images as well as using autoprefixer. I can also briefly touch on using frameworks if time and interest allow for it.

About the Speaker: Dustin Yoxall is CoFounder and Technical Director at Cake & Eat It Designs located in Easton, Maryland. He has over 5 years of experience building websites for clients and has spent most of that time developing on the WordPress platform. When he’s not developing he spends his time tinkering with Arduino boards and riding his bike. He is always excited to discuss workflow processes and how they can be improved!

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Saturday, September 12, 2015
3:30 pm | Downtown Track


William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center
11 W Mount Royal Ave
Baltimore, MD, 21201
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